EasyRage 800+ Rage Faces for iPhone Texting!

Ever wish you could use rage face emoticons in your text messages or emails? Using EasyRage, you can tap to copy any rage faces for use in SMS or emails!

  • Sorted into categories

    All 800+ rage faces are separated into 25+ different categories for easy access to the entire collection. Or you can choose All to browse the entire collection one single view.

  • High quality rage faces

    A single tap, followed by a wiggle animation, places the rage face into your clipboard. It is then ready to be pasted into the SMS or Mail app.

  • Directly go to SMS/Mail

    Depending on your preference, you can go directly into the SMS or Mail app after copying to clipboard. No more double-pressing the home button for multitask switching.

  • Fully compatible with SMS and iMessage

    EasyRage is iOS 8 ready, with support for SMS, Mail, and iMessage. All images are optimized for the retina display on the iPhone 5/5S.


EasyRage has high ratings from customers in the App Store. Check out what the users are saying!

User Reviews

All of the following testimonials are taken directly from user reviews in the App Store:

When there are no words to express how you feel, a rage face is all you need. And this app has so many of the faces. I'm never at a loss.

Can't think of any rage faces I've seen that it doesn't have. Also love the button that opens a new SMS screen.

Awesome! Glad to see that update with a better I Lied face and the All The Things. Oh and the Nothing To Do Here rocket man. Amazing!

This is the easiest rage face app, its just like the one on the rage maker website

My friends and I have always been a fan of ragecomics and this app just makes it so much easier to send ragefaces over text msging. Definitely worth the buck.

Why use punctuation emoticons when you can use easyrage to include goofy photos to liven up your text messages?

Very comprehensive app and makes sending in SMS easy and fun! Great app!

Version History

EasyRage 2.5

  • New Updated for iOS 6 and iPhone 5 and new iPod Touch support!/li>

EasyRage 2.4

  • New Many new rage faces by request

EasyRage 2.3

  • New Many new rage faces

EasyRage 2.2

  • New 100+ new rage faces
  • New Ability to share on Facebook or Twitter
  • New Save to photo library

EasyRage 2.1

  • New Language localizations for French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, and British English
  • New 30+ new rage faces

EasyRage 2.0

  • New New faces have a "New" label (able to turn off in settings)
  • New Zoom in to get a detailed look at the faces using the pinch gesture
  • New Most frequently used faces category - keep track of which faces get the most use
  • New Tap to hold to directly add/remove from favorites
  • New Favorite faces have a star on them
  • New Much faster performance and loading of images
  • New 70+ new rage faces!

EasyRage 1.6

  • New 25 new faces! Happy holidays everyone!

EasyRage 1.5

  • New Added a Favorites section where favorite faces can be added! Simply tap and hold any face to add to favorites
  • New High quality category icons
  • New 10 new faces: angry okay, sincere troll, ain't that some shit, nerd, fap accepted, great scott, challenge denied, and more!

EasyRage 1.4

  • New Added 20 new faces: female LOL, dat ass, never alone, trees/stoner faces, omg so cute, and many more!

EasyRage 1.3

  • New Added over 20 new rage faces: omg run, female sweet tears, female smile, female schlick, huh, female jackie chan, surprised reaction, happy-yes, female yao ming, i see what you did there, and more!
  • New Added option to contact me and suggest new faces, get help, send feedback, etc.
  • Fixed Various bug fixes

EasyRage 1.2

  • New Added 15 new rage faces
  • New Directly go to SMS app from selection screen
  • New Improved feedback when tapping to copy
  • Fixed Various bug fixes

EasyRage 1.1

  • Fixed Smoother category icons
  • Fixed Fixed bug where some faces won't display

EasyRage 1.0

  • New First public release

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